Gold Digger Jack

Gold Digger Jack

About game «Gold Digger Jack»

Jack has spent a lot of time searching for various riches, so he knows exactly where the collection of gold mines is. He also has a sturdy wooden tool at his disposal that was made to be used for digging up various stuff from the ground. Collect enough gold to help Jack become wealthy. Try to avoid wasting time collecting stones or other pointless items from the ground. The requirements must be met, and they are updated as each level is finished.

Each level begins with a task that must be done according to its conditions within the time limit indicated by the timer in the top right corner of the screen. You will advance to the next level if you successfully complete the objective; otherwise, your whole progress will be lost. You will be able to see the underground terrain and aim for enormous golden stones that you will pull out using a unique tool. With the money you receive for each drawn item, you can shop for enhancements in the store. May good luck accompany the great gold digger, who is able to find the largest ingots.