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About Detective Games

You can emulate famous detectives like Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes by playing detective video games. Play free missions to take part in complex investigations. The worlds described by the list of the top detective PC games are intelligent and full of cunning villains and helpless victims. Develop your capacity for logical thought as you explore the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries, tracking down intruders and locating lost items. Whether mysticism or a traditional detective plot is more appealing to you, you can play this game and many others in the detective genre here, solving crimes one by one. Thanks to detectives, you can learn to be alert and creative—qualities that people need in everyday life—as well as observe how experienced detectives live. Use your thinking, the primary tool of those who uphold the law, to restore justice and punish evil. All you have to do to carry out your task is to start an online detective game and see it through.

Test Your Analytical Skills In Our Detective Games!

Mysterious adventures and secret stories attract the attention of curious kids, and in Detective games, kids can get into this world. The children are invited to complete tasks in an unfamiliar house that keeps many terrible secrets. It is necessary to find the items offered at the bottom of the screen and, as a result, open the hidden door. In each room, you need to go through various puzzles, which at the end will reward the player with a bonus. All items found will be kept in the child's bag. Try not to miss old boxes and gloomy paintings, because they can open up new perspectives. A gamer can investigate high-profile cases or not very criminal stories, sometimes bordering on mysticism. Start playing detective games on our website for free and without registration right now! In many games, your goal is to find the items offered at the bottom of the screen and open all the hidden doors around the location. In each room, you need to complete different puzzles. They will reward the player with a special bonus at the end. Found clues fall into your inventory. Be attentive!