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About Dolphin Games

Free online Dolphin games will help you see how smart these animals are. Going to a virtual dolphinarium, you will make friends with several members of this breed and even spend some time with them for useful activities. They are easy to learn math and want to test your knowledge in this area. If you answer the example they set correctly, you will receive a reward in the form of game points. You can also play by substituting a hoop for dolphins to jump, swimming with them in the pool, and in gratitude for the friendship and kindness, treat your new friend with a fish! Is there anyone more delightful and mysterious than these amazing inhabitants of the deep sea? They look like fish, but not fish; and the level of intelligence, they say, is as close as possible to the human - the most developed among all the animal world. They communicate with each other in such a way that we can hardly hear them, but scientists have been able to identify dozens of words in their "speech" and even suggest that each of them is given a name by relatives… Do you want to make friends with them soon? Then you are at the address!

Dolphin Games For Kids!

We present Dolphin games in these games. It will allow you to feel like a trainer. At your disposal will be many of the smartest dolphins, who are already trained in all the tricks. You will be in the role of a trainer who can do everything to make the dolphin do the most unusual tricks, getting a standing ovation and a good reward. Sometimes games about dolphins are made in the form of a competition for the distance that the hero can safely swim. At the same time, it is able to gain impressive speed if it has a special energy in reserve, which accumulates from the fish eaten by the dolphin. In such a toy, you guide the dolphin to the passing delicacy, help to dodge the predators floating towards you, and give the command to jump so that the dolphin can fly through the ring above the water surface.