Help The Duck

Help The Duck

About game «Help The Duck»

Duck games first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System and are still produced today, creating a completely new subgenre that you probably had no idea existed. Many kids enjoy playing with their toys while taking a bath, but as far as we are aware, not all toys can get there as easily as they might seem. For instance, this rubber duck has been attempting to enter the bathtub for a while but is having no luck. Before the infant arrives to bathe, you need to assist her in getting to the bathroom.

By using the left mouse button, you can launch a water jet at the objective even though you can't touch the toy. Water the duck with a hose so that it starts to slide on the surface and quickly lands in warm, bubble-filled water. You will have a limited supply of water, and the less of it you consume, the better your final score will be. Each level can be completed with three stars. To succeed in the game Help the Duck, you must learn how to use the different elements that are introduced as you go.