Virus Ninja

Virus Ninja

About game «Virus Ninja»

You must assist us! Aid a courageous ninja in his battle against legions of malicious viruses to prevent a global pandemic! Before they reach the main character, eliminate hordes of pathogenic microorganisms in any manner possible. Use unique strategies to destroy viruses and hang on as long as you can!

How do you play? Unaware ninjas will be inundated with several hostile virus attacks while they are blissfully meditating. Your aim is to prevent the viruses from reaching there. The temperature will rise with every bacterium that is missed. You will lose if the thermometer's indication hits a certain point. Use your katana like a true ninja, and keep germs at a safe distance. Viruses will start to mutate over time, and there will be an increase in their number. Each succeeding wave of germs will only last for 15 seconds before it is destroyed, at which point another wave will appear. Stop the invasion of dangerous germs to prevent infection among people! We anticipate your triumph!