Highway Traffic Bike Stunts

Highway Traffic Bike Stunts

About game «Highway Traffic Bike Stunts»

The variety of games available—many of which have the same name but different gameplay—created by computer game creators never ceases to delight players. Let's review our knowledge of racing toys. Undoubtedly a large number, but it will be challenging to recall even half of them. By the way, like a brand-new three-dimensional race called Highway Traffic Bike Stunts, every game has the right to live and will undoubtedly find its player!

You will only find one bike and one racer in this game, which is not a bad thing as the developers chose not to make the gameplay difficult. All you need to do is move around the track while avoiding various hazards and pretty heavy traffic. Oncoming and passing traffic, an emergency buildup of vehicles, a railroad crossing, and other unpleasant situations can all act as impediments on the track. However, using a springboard to avoid a collision with each of them is conceivable. You may place the springboard wherever you like, such as in front of a line of vehicles or at a crosswalk; the key is to act quickly and avoid hitting any vehicles.