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About Hot Wheels Games

Hot Wheels online games are races on steep virtual tracks. Every second, the user's car is in danger of falling to pieces. If such competitions were held in real life, riders would probably fail. A greater concentration of dangers and dizzying stunts can not be found anywhere else. Trouble starts right from the start. Either a steep descent will lead to a ditch, competitors will open fire, or a crazy disabled person will throw himself under the wheels. Hot Wheels racing is definitely not for the faint of heart. These colorful and bright cars develop tremendous speed and it is very difficult to keep up with them. These are not just some online games for children, but real arcades full of various tasks for all ages. You will always recognize the classic game by the mind-blowing orange tracks, which are built as if ignoring the laws of physics. At first glance, it seems that it is simply impossible to overcome this crazy track, but we are sure that you are the one who can do it. Many players want to not just drive on already created tracks, but build their own killer roads. Hot wheel car games will give you that opportunity too: spin your racing tracks at an unrealistic angle, make dead loops or skip a piece altogether so that the car flies over the abyss, like in some action movie.

How To Play Hot Wheels Games?

It is difficult to play because you have to be on alert all the time. But even this does not guarantee victory. As a rule, by the 2-3 minutes of passing the wheels of the car participating in the race, begin to glow, and it quickly explodes. The task of the user is to delay this moment as much as possible. It will take an instant reaction, determination, and courage. It's better not to play without them. But there is good news: the game does not end immediately after the explosion. To overcome one stage of Hot Wheels games, the user receives 3 or 5 spare lives for free, and only when all of them are spent, is he eliminated from the game. Additional heart lives and other bonuses can also be obtained during the passage, performing tricks or overtaking rivals.