LOL Surprise Dolls Dress Up

LOL Surprise Dolls Dress Up

About game «LOL Surprise Dolls Dress Up»

It turns out that these babies have won the hearts of our children not only in real life, in particular girls, but also in virtual life. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you have to pay decent money for a real LOL doll, then the babies in the LOL Surprise Dolls Dress Up game are completely free, so play for fun with funny dolls. Our virtual LOL container, like the real one, contains several secrets and what our joy was when we discovered as many as four dolls, except of course clothes and accessories. And this means that you will not be bored soon, or at least until we prepare each of the dolls for our children's beauty contest. Let's start with the fact that we can choose a new background for each member of the container, there are four of them, and by choosing a color palette, you can change the shades of colors.