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About Operation Games

Online Operation Games will reveal your skills as a virtual doctor. Here you must be very attentive to your business because surgery is a serious occupation, where you can’t go anywhere without experience. Start playing with the treatment of teeth, eyes, and ears, as well as minor wounds and scratches in your patients. And when you gain enough experience, go to an imaginary operating room in a hospital. Do serious operations, starting with the treatment of the legs, and ending with complex actions on the sore head. And characters from famous cartoons, who have kindly agreed to be your patients, will help you practice such important skills! The work of surgeons has always fascinated and surprised people. The miracles of modern medicine make it possible to do amazing things and bring people back to normal life in seemingly hopeless cases.

The Variety Of Operation Games

Every girl should take care of the health of her loved ones, and if all your life you have dreamed of becoming a surgeon and helping people, then these games are created especially for you! Help cure a sick girl, make a simple cosmetic surgery, or treat a wound - for this we have collected a massive collection of games for girls, among which you can find exciting games about operations. Free surgery games for girls are in great demand because many children dream of dressing in white coats, working in a hospital, and helping people. Also in the virtual office, you can take delivery, cut out appendicitis or wash the patient's eyes if he has inflammatory processes. Using pop-up tips, you will save the life of each of your patients! In addition, you can transform into a veterinarian and perform operations on animals in a specialized hospital! In the proposed simulators, you need to help our smaller brothers - give an injection or bandage a sprained foot, after taking a blood test and announcing the diagnosis. It is possible that you will have to take delivery. We offer you to experience unique and thrilling sensations absolutely free of charge!