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About Parkour Games

Parkour is a sport that is more of a philosophy. This is the art of moving around the city with overcoming obstacles. When the Frenchmen David Belle and Sebastian Foucan created parkour, of course, they themselves did not suspect how popular it would become among browser-based online games. In the wake of the success of this extreme sport, many films were made and no less number of games were created in which the characters use only the capabilities of their bodies to overcome various obstacles. Strength, endurance, good reaction, and choosing the best route for traveling on the roofs and streets of city blocks are the qualities that a professional tracer should have. Try yourself in a new role by playing parkour games on our site!

Lacking Adrenaline In Your Life? Try Our Parkour Games!

Here you can get used to the role of an experienced athlete-tracer and hit the road through the streets, gardens, walls, and rooftops. The tasks set before you in parkour games can be very different - from simply training your physical abilities to escaping from the police and finding a way out of the labyrinth, but the main idea here is the same - to move forward, not paying attention to any obstacles. To recharge your batteries and adrenaline, you need to discover the true spirit of parkour. In the Parkour games section, you will be transported to a huge metropolis, which is full of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. You will jump on tall buildings, perform mind-blowing stunts on benches, freerun, and even run away from the police. Nothing is impossible for parkour players, and now you will see for yourself! Here you can find a game for every taste and get a powerful dose of adrenaline. In addition to urban challenges, you can test your army parkour skills, learn somersault jumps and try to pass specially created terrain with many obstacles. Hotheads are ready to overcome the most unimaginable obstacles and adapt to any difficulties. The stone jungle is a challenge for parkour. You have to conquer the top of the metropolis! After all, parkour is the element of the most daring and desperate!