Kids Go Shopping Supermarket

Kids Go Shopping Supermarket

About game «Kids Go Shopping Supermarket»

Kids Go Shopping Supermarket game enables our young users to have fun while also exercising their minds by completing a number of tasks, such as purchasing items from the store in accordance with a list created by a mom, classifying and placing various items in their proper locations, and the most thrilling task, the ninja mission, which involves slicing fruit with a sword on the fly. Generally speaking, you won't get bored!

We will first visit a sizable grocery store after opening a list of the items we need to acquire. Eyes widen at such a long list of goods, but we don't forget what and how much mom requested. After placing everything in your basket, proceed to the register to pay for your items. After that, you can move on to the second game stage, where you must arrange the toys in the house and put everything in its proper place. Once the second stage is complete, we move on to the most exciting and enjoyable step—the ninja stage. Wait for the fruits to fly while getting ready the mouse. Enjoy Kids Go Shopping Supermarket game with Friv2 online games!