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About Legendary Tetris Games

Probably, not everyone knows yet that Tetris is a cult game that was invented in the USSR in the 80s. Since then, millions of copies have been published, and hundreds of thousands of handheld classic Tetris Games have been released, but the concept of this game has remained the same to this day. The player, moving across the field and turning over the intricate figures falling down, just folds them in such a way that a continuous row of blocks without gaps is formed. As the game of Tetris progresses, the falling speed of the figures increases, and it becomes more and more difficult for the player to place them correctly. Do you want to play the iconic Tetris game online for free? Our site offers a distraction from everyday affairs. You can have fun in the browser without registration. To do this, you do not need to download the puzzle to your computer. The Tetris game ranks second in the list of the best computer games in history. In 2014, the creators celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of this puzzle.

The Benefits Of Tetris Games

Our site presents many modifications to the classic online Tetris game. But in each of them, the essence remains the same. The player needs to collect a horizontal row of falling figures. While they are in motion, they can be turned over and shifted. As soon as the figure touches the top line, it disappears. The meaning of the Tetris game is to leave the field free for as long as possible, having received the maximum number of points. We offer to play the game "Tetris" online for free, not only for fun. This popular flash puzzle game has been scientifically proven to stimulate brain activity and improve planning skills, critical thinking and mental responsiveness. The Tetris online game has a positive effect on the mental functions of children and adults. Our collection presents puzzles for users of all ages. Kids will love the best entertainment from the Tetris series, which involves communicating with their favorite cartoon characters. Adults will enjoy more classic flash games with a traditional design.