Toilet Rush 2

Toilet Rush 2

About game «Toilet Rush 2»

Play Toilet Rush 2 online free game. This is a sequel Toilet Rush installment. Again, the hero from the memes would storms the toilet, as he did in the previous part of the game Toilet Rush. This time his patience is over. Brown torpedoes break through the flimsy defense, stain the white floor and preparing for a mass attack. You mush help the poor man get to the toilet as soon as it's possible. But be careful. Sharp spikes, doors, pipes and pits block the path. You will have to solve puzzles, search for keys and jump platforms above the water. Different levels contain various invisible obstacles. You also have to run around in the darkness, to collect stars in order to hold out longer. Activate tricky mechanisms with buttons. This game you can play on all types of devices and gadgets.