Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls

About game «Hypno Bliss - PowerPuff Girls»

Do not judge a person based on how he or she looks. Sometimes you must be so mistaken, when making the first impression just from the very first glance at the person. The same story is about our main characters - Pestle, Flower and Bubble. They are tiny girls, however, they are so strong and decisive that even the most powerful man will envy! The girls are good at everything: today they fight with the most dangerous enemies, and tomorrow they will send time at the beauty salons, making wonderful haircuts and putting on the most fashionable clothes. But today they need your help. The head of the squad got into trouble and was hypnotized by the evil character. She was out into den, hidden from all the other people. Her dedicated friends immediately went to look for the girl. And you will be in charge of this very important mission, helping the girls to fulfill their goal. Lead your characters through the peculiar maze and collect coins and other items in order to fulfill the requirement, which you will see in the upper corner of your screen.