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What Are Viking Games?

Viking games are for those who have an irresistible desire to destroy with an ax and a sword! Only here you will be able to play free online captures and raids on lands rich in loot or arrange a clan war in a naval battle on longships! But luck is a fickle thing, and you run the risk of being besieged. When victory in a lightning throw is impossible, everything will be decided by strategy and your military wisdom! Viking games are what you need if you have always dreamed of being in the domain of Odin, in the majestic Asgard, and discovering all its secrets! In the name of Bjorn and his sons, performing great feats by defeating dragons and proving your skills with accurate ax throwing! Viking games don't even need to be installed on your PC, everything is available online! Escape from captivity, conquer enemy cities or survive the raid of a neighboring tribe - if you have Viking blood, you will find a worthy game in your spirit!

Viking Games Genres

Viking quests are a great opportunity to go into the exciting world of the early Middle Ages and feel like a brave warrior, solving the most intricate riddles prepared in these flash games. Everyone knew these Scandinavian sailors - a strong physique, a warlike character and excellent command of weapons made all the peoples of Europe afraid. Viking strategy games will introduce you to the campaigns of the harsh Nords and allow you to participate in the conquest of nearby lands. You will wage endless wars, landing your units on foreign shores. You can play as the Vikings themselves, attacking the villages, or help organize the defense against the bearded invaders. Towers and magics will be available to you, which must be constantly pumped. Gold for upgrades is obtained in battles with the Vikings. Battles are most often fought online, so you need to quickly decide which skills to spend the treasured experience points on. The economy will also have to be monitored, because the main resource is money, and without it it is impossible to train stronger fighters.